Instructional Design Resources

Instructional design, or instructional systems design (ISD), is the practice of creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.” The process consists broadly of determining the state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some “intervention” to assist in the transition. There are many instructional design models but many are based on the ADDIE model with the five phases: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Although technology continues to change the tools and platforms available, the principles of “good instructional design” developed decades ago are still just as valid today as they were years ago.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

UbD (Understanding by Design)

A less known instructional design model than ADDIE, the main focus of UbD (Understanding by Design) is on the desired outcomes. Having a strong understanding of where you want to go, will have a direct affect on the actions you take to get there. The emphasis on outcomes seems to apply equally to both the…

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Comparing Typical (Crammed) Learning vs. Spaced Learning

The Shift blog regularly has some very interesting posts, and this article is one of my favorites. Comparing Typical (Crammed) Learning vs Spaced Learning addresses an important concept in the way people learn, especially as it relates to adult learners in the workplace … when they are trying to learn and improve their on-the-job work…

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ADDIE Model of Instructional Design

Although there are plenty of instructional design models (both old and new), the ADDIE model still offers a solid foundation for new as well as experienced instructional designers and training professionals. The ADDIE model provides guidelines for building effective training and performance support tools in five phases. Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation Here is a…

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