Performance Support Resources

Performance Support is any learning modality, resource or asset that is accessible and applicable at the moment of need. It is embedded in the work process so the learning is accessed in the context of the work flow and helps solve a specific business problem. Paper-based Performance Support includes job-aids and quick reference guides. Electronic Performance Support tend to be technology based. Google searches can fall into this category, but they tend to find more than what you need or want. More advanced versions of workplace Electronic Performance Support offer a contextual, process-embedded and immediate solution. This requires development of an overarching strategy built upon upfront analysis, planning and design.

“We need to bring learning to people instead of people to learning.”

– Elliot Masie

Performance Support: Introduction

Performance Support: the training that your learners really want. And expect. The concept of “performance support” is not new to the field of instructional design. Even when I was just starting in my training profession, creating a Job Aide or Quick Reference Guide (both valid performance support tools) was a natural and normal extension from…

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uPerform (by Ancile)

uPerform (by Ancile) is a an authoring tool that enables you to create, manage, and distribute software learning content. Learners are able access that content on-demand, right within the software they use every day (i.e., performance support). The ability of performance support tools like uPerform to author once, output into multiple formats (videos, step-by-step documents, job…

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Performance Support Vendor: Ontuitive

Performance Learning for the Enterprise Ontuitive is a technology-enabled learning services vendor based in the US, UK and The Netherlands. They deliver performance support learning solutions that support business processes and computer-based applications and systems for the enterprise workplace learning environment. Their performance support solutions range from customized performance support (see SAP demo below) to…

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