PowerPoint Presentation Resources

PowerPoint is a slide-based presentation program owned by Microsoft. PowerPoint, initially named “Presenter”, was created by  Forethought, Inc. Microsoft’s version of PowerPoint was officially launched in  1990 as part of the Microsoft Office suite and the corporate workplace have never been the same since. There are various other programs that offer similar capabilities but PowerPoint is the most commonly used. Some have a negative view of PowerPoint as a tool as a result of many unskilled and unmotivated people creating a lot of poorly designed PowerPoint. However, PowerPoint can be a great tool when used properly and is important for anyone involved with creating presentations and/or trainings.

“You may not be as tall as Lincoln or as eloquent as Churchill, but you are still able to make great PowerPoint presentations.”

– Seth Godin

Creating Non-Linear Presentations with PowerPoint Zoom

Creating Non-Linear Presentations with PowerPoint Zoom If you would like to create non-linear, more audience-focused PowerPoint presentations, consider using the Zoom feature. Usage of the Zoom feature can be helpful when you are using your presentation as the basis for a fluid discussion or if your PowerPoint will be used as a self-paced (i.e., asynchronous)…

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How to Avoid Death By PowerPoint

David JP Phillips, TEDx Stockholm Salon, 2014 If you use PowerPoint and/or like TedX talks, this is a must-see for 20 minutes. David provides lots of understandable examples and humor to back up his PowerPoint guidelines. Without giving away too much away, here are six keywords to look out for (both during the talk and…

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5-Point Makeover Process for PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be a very powerful tool when used and designed properly. Having said that, it is widely known that there is no shortage of not-well designed PowerPoint being presented on a regular basis. This article provides some very useful information about how to address five common short-comings of PowerPoint-related presentations. Although you likely will…

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