Software Tool Resources

Although software is commonplace in any corporate learning environment, the selection and implementation of learning-focused software tools is still an important consideration for the Learning & Development group. Learning software tools could have a focus on either solving for instructor-led training or self-learning. Both are important elements of any corporate learning ecosystem. It’s important for the Learning & Development group to be as strategic and proactive as possible about the evaluation, selection, and implementation of these tools to achieve high-learner adaption and success.

“Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, and if you give them [software] tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”

– Steve Jobs


If you use either of the TechSmith products Camtasia or Sngait, you may want to consider using their free service to host and share your content created with these two tools. Getting your images and videos to the right people couldn’t be easier. Since all these products are created by the same company, TechSmith,…

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Microsoft Sway

Let’s talk about a “new” Microsoft product called “Sway”, a program released in 2015. Although Sway is considered a “presentation” program, there are many differences between Sway and PowerPoint (as well as some basic similarities). Re-imagine the way your ideas come to life. In Sway, you can easily add pictures, videos, text-based documents, links (of…

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Software Tools: Slack

Workplaces are awash in email traffic, competing demands, and hard-to-maintain courseware, while businesses try to operate more responsively to the needs of both the marketplace and its stakeholders. To better work within this complexity and remain relevant to the business, L&D needs to rethink the methods it uses to support learners. While expensive, enterprise-weight solutions…

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